Compact Stand-Up Booth

This layout is usually used when there is a limited area to work with.  It can comfortably hold 3-4 people and comes with bowed arms and a cross bar with black drapes to close the guests in.  It’s clean style makes it fun for guests to come in and out while not taking away from the main attraction.

Open Air Photo Booth

With the Open Air Photo Booth layout we use a 10×10 adjustable backdrop to accommodate more people.  We typically use this at large events such as weddings, corporate events and birthday parties.  Depending on the room, this set up can fit roughly 8-12 guests comfortably.  This set up looks clean and attracts guests to use it.  We currently offer 3 different color back drops (Green, Black, and White).

Enclosed Photo Booth – Coming Soon!

Our Enclosed Llama Booth offers more privacy and requires a little more room than the smaller compact booth.  This set up also looks clean and provides a large backdrop to accommodate more guests.  8-10 guests would fit comfortably in this set up.